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Blown Fibre Installations

Eurocoms are specialists at blown fibre installations. We have completed works on behalf of BT, Virgin, McNicholas and Enterprise and remain one of the leading blown fibre contractors in the UK.#

Our engineers are accredited Emtelle, BT, Virgin, Excel (Prysmian) and Brand-Rex blown fibre installers.

What is Blown Fibre?

Blown fibre is the process used to install fibre optic cores using compressed air to ‘blow’ the fibre right to its destination via pre-installed tubes. This system results in less breakages, stress and wastage while substantially lowering network build costs. It also provides a more flexible design and has a better reliability while helping minimise large capital expenditure and easier network planning.

Why use Eurocoms for your Blown Fibre Installation?

Eurocoms engineers have been installing blown fibre optic cables for over 12 years, and have an impressive track record working for some of the largest telecoms companies in the World. Eurocoms pride ourselves on the quality of the blown fibre systems we use, the end products and training of our staff.

Our in-house design team can design and build YOUR network and carry out fibre optic planning on your behalf.

Fibre optic network design (FFTX; FTTH, FTTB, FTTC, FTTB).
Blown fibre installation
Blown fibre termination
Blown fibre commissioning

If you are unsure if you want Blown Optical Fibre or a simple fibre optic cable, please feel free to get in touch with our support team who will be more than happy to give you some friendly free advice.


Blown Optical Fibre Installers


For more information regarding Eurocoms and our blown fibre services, please call 0844 3577 678 or email

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