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Systems Design & Installation

Eurocoms has years of experience within the telecommunications industry, designing and implementing a wide range of cabling infrastructures. We offer a range of design and installation services such as network cabling installation and structured cabling installation. Our installation services can take your network from a concept to a reality.

As a cabling solutions provider we can accept responsibility for the design and implementation of multi-disciplinary cabling projects. In the same way customers turn to our specialist abilities for the implementation of single discipline assignments. We guarantee in all cases proper functioning and operational cabling systems.

Free Consultation
Eurocoms can assist you in assessing your communications infrastructure needs. Our approach will look at not only your immediate applications but will also take into account any future requirements, future growth of your network and possible technology changes which could impact upon your cabling needs.

Site Surveys
Eurocoms engineers are available to complete a comprehensive analysis of your current site and be able to highlight any factors that may impact the final solution. All factors such as site layout, building regulations and H & S issues are among the conditions that will be incorporated into the chosen solution

Infrastructure Installation
We can install a wide variety of transmission media including structured cabling (data, voice & coax), fibre optic & wireless networking as well as associated products.

Eurocoms tests and certifies every link with Fluke series testers to ensure every installation meets and exceeds national and international telecommunication standards.
Knowledge, craftsmanship and experience go towards making us a reliable and qualified partner.

If you would like us to give you a quote for any assignment please contact us by clicking here.


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