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“Amazingly simple. Pedagogically powerful.”

These 55″ and 65″ interactive displays are Ultra HD and enable students to contribute to on-screen content directly from their mobile devices, in real time, from anywhere. All of these contributions can be saved and re-used in SMART Notebook®, SMART amp™ or your learning management system.

SMART kapp iQ’s whiteboard allows everyone to collaborate by inking back-and-forth between the display
and any mobile device, making group work and teacher-led instruction more dynamic. Key thoughts can be captured easily by simply taking screenshots and storing them for later. Rather than furiously scribbling notes, or lecturing rote from a presentation, lessons flow naturally.

smart kapp features

Naturally dynamic classrooms
SMART kapp iQ’s whiteboard allows writing back-and-forth between the display and any mobile device, making group work and teacher-led instruction more dynamic.

Take snapshots of anything on the display and save them to review or share later. Instead of reviewing furiously scribbled notes, students can review and share the crisp snapshots they’ve saved.

  • Powered by SMART Learning Suite

SMART Learning Suite includes SMART Notebook® software, SMART amp™ software and SMART Lesson Activity Builder.
Together, they connect students, teachers and devices to turn lessons into enriching learning experiences.

  • Walk Up and Use Simplicity

The display is ready when you are. Presence Detection ensures it powers on when you walk into the room. Simply
connect your phone to get started.

  • From device to whiteboard and back again

Invite contribution from any participant in the session. They can ink onto the display from their device – laptop, tablet or phone. That contribution will simultaneously appear on all other devices in real-time.

  • The SMART kapp app

Connect one device (Android or iOS) to the display. Now you can share the session with up to 250 students, all of whom have the ability to follow and contribute to content as it unfolds in real-time, contribute in real-time and save it all for later.

  • Less Drain on IT

Simply mount the display on the wall or on a floor stand. That’s it. Once it’s mounted, just walk up and start using it.

  • Continue where you left of

Take saved notes from your SMART kapp whiteboard session and bring them up on the SMART kapp iQ interactive display. This way you can continue working on ideas, even if they began on a whiteboard.

For more information on Smart Kapp IQ please click here to view the pdf.