“Secure your pupils, staff and visitors with Eurocoms Lockdown Alert Systems”

A growing number of schools, businesses and public spaces in the UK have been the subject of major incidents and threats of violence in the last year alone. Due to the random nature of these events, there is little that can be planned to prevent them. By having a clear and effective communication system installed alongside a robust lockdown alert and evacuation procedure, Eurocoms are improving the way business, staff and pupils react to such events.

Events which could trigger a full or partial lockdown;LOCKDOWN

  • Incident or disturbance in the local community.

  • Intruder on site with potential to pose a risk.
  • Warning of air pollution.
  • Major fire in the vicinity.
  • Dangerous animal roaming loose.

To use a school as an example, where a fire alarm bell is sometimes used for break times and class change, to also use this in an emergency situation, can lead to confusion. In the event of a possible violent intruder on the premises, the last thing any school wants is pupils streaming out onto a playground and gathering at assembly points.

To solve this issue, Eurocoms have created a Lockdown solution which broadcasts a unique Lockdown School Alert. Our multi-button control panel enables you to broadcast emergency alerts, such as lockdown, evacuation and panic alarm at reception. As well as routine announcements such as class change, lunch or the end of school, in the event of an emergency this enables specific alarms to be broadcast across the entire site. That way, both staff and pupils know what’s happening and what action to take.

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