Although some businesses are lucky enough to be located in brand new buildings with new shiny cabling and infrastructure – most are living with cabling that was installed in the 1990’s or earlier.

Many business owners don’t associate the quality of their internal cabling with difficulties in their networks. For the most part, network cables are hidden in the walls or above ceilings – out of sight, out of mind!

But upgrading your cabling NOW will pay dividends, and can help make your business more efficient now while allowing you to take advantage of new technologies that can have a great impact on your business in the future. For example, if your copper network is based on Category 5 cabling, then you should be planning an upgrade to a Cat 5e or preferably a Cat 6 network.

Six good reasons to upgrade now include:

1) Older cable can have insulation that is wearing off, which means shielding is also wearing off which can lead to crosstalk related network problems.

2) Older cable (even Cat5e!) does not future proof your network or indeed your business. By installing a Category 6 cabling system, you will keep your network up-to-date and allow larger amounts of data to upload and download via your network.

3) When installing new cabling, you can run more cable to accommodate more computers, VoIP enabled systems, audio visual systems and even CCTV – meaning you can streamline your switch and router locations and make your overall network more efficient.

4) You can install fiber optic cabling in areas where security and reliability is paramount. Fiber optic cabling is more reliable than copper and is able to transer data at a much faster rate.

5) Gigabit Ethernet capable cat 6 cabling can be installed to allow use of faster download speeds or anywhere files have to be uploaded and downloaded.

6) PoE (power over Ethernet) switches can be added to your network which require newer cabling – these allow better overall power management, mean less wires to trip over for your employees, and can help save on your power bills. You can also set up your infrastructure to run on a generator/PSU in the event of a power outage, which means productivity can continue no matter what the outside conditions are.

Eurocoms can help you achieve the perfect network infrastructure and cabling scenario that not only meets your present needs, but “future-proofs” your organisation. This allows you to take advantage of money-saving new technologies now and in the future. Eurocoms can assess the current state of your infrastructure, make detailed recommendations as to what needs to be done, then help you make the decision as to the best course of action for your organisation in terms of budget, needs and future scalability. Why not call today (0800 009 6776) and get started on your future IT plan? There is no better time than now.