One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is ‘are you able to repair a broken fibre cable’? The answer to this question is both yes and no.

In order to repair a fibre cable, we would need to know the following information;

Type of fibre cable; single mode/multimode, core size, structure etc.
Where the break is; although we are able to locate the break using an OTDR tester, we would obviously need to have access to it.
Is the break internal or external? if external we would need to install an IP rated joint box.
If there is any slack; you must take in to consideration that in order to repair a fibre cable, our engineer will need enough slack on both sides of the break to strip it back and joint the two fibres together.
Is it safe to repair; is the working environment safe for our engineer?

A typical repair joint box

Fibre Repair Joint Box

Most fibre breaks are repairable, so if you have a broken fibre, please give us a call 0800 009 6776 now for more information.