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Access Control

“Keeping you and your workforce safe”

Eurocoms are CHAS Registered Videx Security, Paxton Access, ACT and BPT installers.

Eurocoms design and install only the best access control systems from all the industry leading manufacturers. With offices South Yorkshire and London, we are well situated to offer a UK wide service on all types of door and gate automation systems; key fobs, swipe card, coded, magnetic locks, gate motors, intercom and video systems.

Eurocoms management team have over 50 years combined experience designing, installing and maintaining access control systems.

Access systems secure your premises offering access via pass codes, key fobs, swipe cards, finger print and eye recognition, which you can set and reset as often as is necessary.

With a networked/software based system, it is easier to monitor who enters and exits your property; it is extremely difficult to gain access without the correct access rights. Access control systems can be fitted to any door or gate, whether new or existing, so it is perfectly possible to maintain the attractive exterior of your business while upping the level of security.

We are able to provide a range of access control systems from a single door system to a multi-door networked PC based system.
Eurocoms can supply, install, configure &; maintain your access control system;

  • Biometric Systems (Finger print, eye recognition)
  • Coded Systems (Entry Code)
  • Proximity Systems (Key Fobs, Cards)
  • Audio & Video Systems
  • Networked/PC Based Monitoring on the above systems
  • Automated Electronic Gates (radio keyfob, key card, coded and timed entry) Maintenance

For more information about Eurocoms and our access control systems, please call 0800 009 6776.

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Paxton Access Control (Net2, Net10)

“Working in partnership with the market leader”

Eurocoms are a registered supplier and installer of Paxton Access the market leading IP access control, door entry and building intelligence systems manufacturer.


Paxton offer a range of solutions for small to enterprise size organisations;

  • Stand Alone Systems
  • PC based system
  • Central control of privileges
  • Manage 100s of doors, 10,000 users
  • Event reporting
  • Scalable; add to systems easily
  • Integrate other building systems
  • Proximity, magstripe or keypads

These systems are typically used in;

  • Small/medium premises
  • Large corporate premises
  • Multiple-site premises
  • Government buildings
  • Universities
  • Sports clubs
  • Car parks

For more information about Paxton and the NET2 and Net10 system, please view or following this link for the Net2 brochure:-

ievo Biometric Systems

“The industry leading biometric solutions”

Eurocoms are an accredited ievo Biometric supplier and installer.

ievo are the industry leading biometric manufacturer specialising in unrivalled internal and external fingerprint readers. Biometrics is the technology of measuring and analysing biological data. In information technology, biometrics refers to technologies that measure and analyse human body characteristics, such as DNA, fingerprints, voice or facial patterns and hand measurements. Through these unique qualities, biometrics can be used as a form of personal authentication.


Fingerprint Recognition

Perhaps the most popular form of biometric technology is fingerprint scanning. Capturing multiple reference points of the fingerprint through the biometric scanner, an algorithm is then used to convert this image into a code which effectively becomes a digital form of you. This is stored on a database for comparison which grants authentication into the secured area.ievo biometrics

Typical applications;


  • Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities
  • Schools & Education
  • Care Homes / Retirement Villages
  • Health Care
  • Logistics
  • Membership Systems
  • Payroll Systems
  • Server Rooms & Data Centres

Fingerprint Recognition

Everyone has a unique, unchanging fingerprint. A fingerprint is made of a series of ridges and furrows on the surface of the finger and these are used to determine the uniqueness of the fingerprint. Once registered on the fingerprint scanner, the image of these patterns is converted into a code through a mathematical sequence called an algorithm which effectively becomes a digital form of you. This is stored on a database for comparison which grants authentication and access through the secured door.

Why Fingerprints?

Using fingerprints for identification and recognition is the oldest use of biometrics. Nowadays, even laptops and USB pen drives can be found with fingerprint readers. But, there are many reasons why the use of fingerprints is the most common form of biometric security. Firstly, fingerprinting will remain a reliable form of security even as you age. Iris and facial recognition in particular cannot overcome feature changes, whereas through using an ievo biometric fingerprint scanner, the fingerprint will stand the test of time. Also, you will not need to change anything about the appearance of your fingerprints. If you wear glasses or have hair obstructing certain points of the face for example you will need to remove the glasses or pull back your hair each time you present your face for scanning.

Time & Attendance Systems

“Intergrated time & attendance solutions”

Eurocoms makes easy work of the tedious tasks involved with monitoring time and attendance for your employees. Our simplified time-tracking software — working in tandem with our data collection devices — helps you control labour costs, minimise compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

Eurocoms solution is a user friendly time & attendance software that complements your Paxton access system. The software links directly to your Paxton access control system database and records events from your Paxton system in ‘real time’ making time and attendance management easy with clear reporting of hours and overtime worked ready for payroll preparation.



User friendly software, all system activities and functions can be seen at a glance through the main agenda screen this also highlights & alerts you of;

  • Employee lateness and early departures
  • Easy Management of flexi time working
  • Alerts system administrators of any employee qualification expiry dates such as First Aid, HGV etc
  • Important alerts can be easily setup such as return to work interview needed after a persons be absence for a pre-defined period, CSCS card expiry etc
  • Powerful HR System this also integrates with your Sage payroll so once you create a new person in payroll this is also created in your Sirrom system which then integrates with your Paxton system
  • Import driving licences, visa training certificates etc pictures directly into system for easy viewing and storage
  • Working Time Directive Management (Alerts you should a person infringe the European Working Time Directive Rules)
  • Reports can be set up to be automatically emailed to recipients
  • Employees Self Service Module (allows employees to make absence requests via the internet portal / or independent touch screen terminals can be used to make an absence request to their managers)
  • Allows employees to check via the web portal weekly period clocking’s and totals etc
  • Features a reporting suite for time management, absences and HR management
  • Allows employees to book to job numbers created within the software via a barcode scanner/s
  • Reports can be ran on the total time spent on working on a job or activities with the job, also total time / cost job per activity and quantities can be reported on
  • We offer also bespoke reporting & scripting facility for bespoke application

For more information regarding Eurocoms time & attendance, payroll and project time scheduling, please call sales on 0800 009 6776.

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