Print Management, Print Per Page, Lease Printers

Companies may not be aware exactly how much they are spending on running their current print fleet. From having printers that are not fit for users, print wastage or inadequate cover for the devices the resulting increased spending and downtime can after workforce productivity.

Eurocoms managed print solutions can potentially achieve substantial cost savings as well as providing a service and supplies direct from vendor and ensure the printers are designed specifically for the end user and usage optimised, freeing up valuable time and resources for other business critical areas.


Service overview:
Eurocoms print management service begins with providing a full audit of your print usage with a program you can load onto your network or simply plug a dongle in to the hardware. We would then design a bespoke solution aswell as creating a continuing partnership to help drive further improvements, cost reductions and user benefits, over the lifetime of the fleet. In addition, our hardware expertise will ensure that your new devices are used to their full potential and are securely integrated into your infrastructure.

Our ability includes:
• Review your complete printer estate (both networked and standalone)
• Partnerships of all major print vendors (HP, Xerox, Konica Minolta, Samsung, Lexmark)
• Intelligent physical audits as well as software audits (we don’t simply replace your printers for current models, we synergise usage and requirement to ensure optimised savings)
• We can accommodate new and legacy estate
• Print design strategy

• reduction in running costs
• optimisation of printing environment
• engineer support and original supplies direct from vendors
• industry leading management software
• full control over the entire document lifecycle
• flexible payment options to suit your budget

For more information on Eurocoms print management services, please call on 0800 009 6776.