Eurocoms are an award winning education safeguarding solutions specialist.

Having worked with various councils, Ofsted and hundreds of schools and colleges over the past 15 years, we have the in-house expertise to help our clients design, install and support safeguarding systems.

Eurocoms understand the need and importance of a working and functional security system to ensure that safeguarding of pupils and staff is not jeopardised.

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Eurocoms are currently offering free security health checks that can be utilised to enhance your current system to ensure optimal performance or to audit and review your environment for a new system.

Eurocoms safeguarding offering includes, but is not limited to;

• High resolution video surveillance
• Remote surveillance backup/storage
• Access systems
• Scalable Event logging system
• Tamper alerts
• Door open alerts
• Notifications via pagers
• Scalable solutions
• Reporting per room/area
• Printable reports
• Historic logging and reporting
• Easy to use interface
• Movement sensor capability for shared areas
• Remote monitoring and reporting
• Activation of lights when doors are opened or movement detected

Please download our latest safeguarding brochure by clicking here or call our sales team now for more information – 0800 009 6776.