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“Look no further than the range of superior and reliable products ievo has to offer.”

ievo currently manufactures two superior fingerprint biometric readers; ultimate and micro which can be used together to create your perfect internal and external security plan, or separately to boost access control in your business, home or project.why ievo

Using unrivalled multispectral imaging technology for the fingerprint sensor and a robust algorithm to generate a template, ievo products are the most reliable and effective on the market. Couple this with the dedicated sales team offering advice on which system best fits your needs and the follow up UK based technical support for installation queries, ievo surpasses current biometric competitors by listening to your every need and providing you with exceptional support.

  • Integrate in to existing systems
  • Minimalistic in design
  • Spoof protection
  • Scans through gloves
  • No needs for key cards, fobs or codes

Most Effective

Through using the most reliable multispectral imaging fingerprint scanner, both of the ievo products the ultimate and micro, have the capacity to provide you with an effective security system. Each of the products specifications differ depending on internal and external use, but each boast similar security features which are completely unrivalled.

Scans through gloves

Both ievo ultimate and micro are able to correctly identify a registered fingerprint with levels of certain substances present on the skin, as well as some types of latex gloves worn by the user. The ultimate is able to withstand a greater variety of materials including levels of dust, dirt, oil, powder, cream, and liquid. The ultimate is also complemented with a heater built into the fingerprint scanner, therefore it is perfect for external harsh environments such as rain, freezing temperatures and snow. Similarly, the micro functions with levels of cream or powder present on the skin, however it is designed for low use internal environments. Both biometric readers complement each other, so depending on your installation requirements, you are sure to find a solution with ievo.

Spoof detection

The ievo fingerprint readers look for specific traits such as the difference in light passing through the sensor and the presence or absence of blood being shown in the fingers when presented to the fingerprint sensor. From this, the ievo fingerprint software gives the fingerprint a unique score, which, if above the set spoof detection level, the individual will not be granted access.
Uniquely, the activation level can be set to certain thresholds which differ for each application. The ievo reader has so far secured an abundance of high security projects including Embassies and National banks. This provides the business owner with peace of mind that the room or door secured by ievo is protected to the highest possible standard.