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“Supplying only the best CCTV equipment”

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Eurocoms offer industry leading CCTV equipment for clients throughout South Yorkshire and the UK. From our two bases in Sheffield and London we are able to offer full UK coverage to our clients.CCTV camera

In recent years we have seen a major increase in the use of IP Based CCTV monitoring due to the decrease in pricing and increase in availability and affordability. In addition, IPCCTV also offers a number of advantages over traditional analogue based systems;

  • Resolution – A typical analogue camera equates to about 0.4 MP (megapixels), whereas a standard IP camera offers 2-3MP as standard, which is more than seven times the analogue resolution.
  • Analytics – The dramatic improvements in hardware have been matched by powerful analytics software.
  • Power – IP cameras can be powered by a number of methods. If the IP camera is replacing an analog camera, the existing power source can be reused or Ethernet cables which allow for Power over Ethernet (PoE) can be deployed.
  • Hybrid – High-end NVRs, allow existing CCTV cameras to be incorporated into the IP system. This can significantly reduce the initial costs, and allow a phased approach towards a complete IP Surveillance solution.
  • Scalability – Utilising edge processing, and individual camera licensing, it is possible to scale from a single camera up to thousands.
  • Redundancy – It is possible to record simultaneously to a NVR. This offers an additional safety net to recover footage in the event of damage/corruption to data on the main NVR.

Eurocoms offer free site surveys, quotations and we are also able to deliver demonstrations of the kit we are proposing to use.

The majority of our CCTV work is based on recommendations given by previous clients. Eurocoms are able to supply and install systems as small as a single camera to a fully IP based system based on 1,000 cameras.

As a company we have very in-depth knowledge of CCTV equipment and the proposals and advice we give is totally impartial and tailored to your requirements.

Eurocoms CCTV solutions;

    cctv monitoring

  • Remote monitoring packages (PIR’s and Speaker alert)
  • IP or Analog based systems
  • Day/night cameras
  • Static or vari-focal lens
  • Remote access (iPhone, Android, PC’s)
  • Monitors, Screens and keyboards
  • PTZ cameras with vehicle number plate recognition
  • Network & Digital Video Recorders (NVR/DVR)
  • Free quotations, surveys and demonstrations

Please give our sales team a call now to book your survey 0800 009 6776.