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Eurocoms supply, install and maintain a range of audio and video intercom systems. From the basic standard reception audio systems to speech transfer “through the glass” induction loop systems for customers and visitors separated by intercom systems

We have solutions for noisy environments requiring privacy of communications;

  • Proximity microphones on both ‘staff’ and ‘customer’ side of screen
  • Optimal voice pick-up with minimum background noise
  • Mute facility to ensure privacy
  • Induction Loops
  • Twin-channel audio amplifier
  • ‘Staff Unit’ module with combined speaker and microphone
  • ‘Customer’ audio bridge unit with microphone and two speakers

We have a team of access control and door system engineers that are currently operating UK wide installing, repairing and commissioning all types of security access systems. We specialise in the Videx and Paxton Access range of systems, but are not limited to these manufacturers.

For more information regarding Eurocoms and our intercom systems, please call 0800 009 6776.