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“Not just a box shifter”

Eurocoms not only supply UPS systems, we also install, maintain and recycle.

After the initial purchase of your power system, there is obviously a need for expert advice and support regarding the proper integration of the equipment into your existing site infrastructure.

Direct UPS are able to offer a full turn key solution from design, supply, commissioning and maintenance.UPS installation

The following is catered for:

  • AC Power Installations & Final Circuit Power Distribution
  • DC Power Installations – Up-to Datacentre Spec
  • AC Generator & Changeover Panels
  • External Maintenance Bypass Switch
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Air Conditioning

Our qualified electricians are also fully trained UPS engineers with vast experience in both commercial and industrial electrical engineering, which equates to a safe and practicable approach to the task in hand. Our knowledge of both AC & DC systems is second to none within the industry.

For more information about Eurocoms and our UPS Maintenance, please call sales on 01142 835 825 / 0800 009 6776.