EuroComs are proud to announce we have now launched our wireless broadband service, EuroNet.

EuroNet hosts an unrivalled wirless broadband service for businesses in Sheffield and surrounding areas.

With upwards of 22 wireless network masts throughout Sheffield, this allows EuroNet to offer a minimum connection speed of 10Mb/Sec going up to 1Gb/Sec. Our service is totally un-contended and symmetric, which means you can transfer as much data as you like without this affecting your uploads or downloads.


This is an ideal service for commercial customers in the area that find it difficult to ‘get connected’ or for landlords of multi-tenancy buildings who want to offer broadband services to tenants the moment they move in.

Our service includes;

installation in days not months
very low installation charges
unlimited data transfer
4hr fix SLA in the unlikely event that something goes wrong
your own dedicated range of IP addresses
no reliance on BT infrastructure

For more information about Eurocoms EuroNet service, please contact sales on 0800 009 6776.