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“Secure and robust connectivity”

Eurocoms supply, install and maintain network laser links.LASER-LINKS
Laser links solutions represent the latest state of the art technology in the field of wireless communication. Free Space Optical communication uses Laser technology to transmit information between two points which have a clear ‘line of sight’ between them.

For ‘non line of sight’ setups we offer wireless RF units which can operate without the need for the units to physically see each other.

Advantages of Laser Links;

  • No rental cost
  • Total ownership of solution
  • License free operation
  • Ideal for setting up disaster recovery alternatives to leased lines
  • Ideal for urban areas or city centers where the use of leased lines is expensive
  • Ideal for environments where high noise levels can interfere with transmitted data

Eurocoms supply a range of laser link systems to cater for the needs of our clients and their network requirements.

Eurocoms are a CHAS registered installer, this allows us to work within Schools and Education, ensuring our work is completed in-line with health and safety regulations.

All our surveys and quotations are completely free of charge.

Eurocoms Laser Link Services;

  • Free Surveys & Quotations
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Support

For more information regarding Eurocoms and our laser link solutions, please call free on 0800 009 6776 3577 or email